Because I was a free-wheeling girl with more rocket-fuel than the average child, stopping my inertia took a shift in the planet’s gravity, with one exception.  When my mother started to cook, I could miraculously remain in the same spot for several hours stirring a jam pot or rolling cookie balls.  When my hands weren’t busy, I pranced around the kitchen with grass-stained, mud-encrusted feet, mesmerized by transformation of fruit, vegetables, and dough as each was masterfully coaxed to evoke their best flavor, color, and texture.  Now that I live in Charleston, a city chock full of foodies and a multitude of excellent dining options, I have come to appreciate food for it’s essence, versatility, and possibility.  However, being a graduate student, I must adhere to some type of budget, and so am working on developing my skills as a chef to save my wallet from a whomping.  I’m spontaneous in baking and cooking, and constantly improvise and modify.  So explore, enjoy, and try a few yourself!


§ 4 Responses to About

  • Mom says:

    rocket fuel is right! You also used to slow down and wash your naked baby dolls in the sink for hours. I’m glad that you liked cooking even as a kid. X-mas cookies were a favorite and gingerbread houses, too.

  • Don’t forget about the fudge! 🙂

  • Mom says:

    If I go to the welcome page I think that you should have a way to get to your recipies other than just clicking on the word about. Maybe have the categories on the right hand side. Can you do that or is it a template?

  • Mom says:

    I can’t get the shrimp recipe to come up. Is it in process?

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